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Free Ubisoft video game utility

Ubisoft Connect, formerly known as UPlay, is a free video game utility that offers a central platform for Ubisoft titles, services, communities, and support. You can also earn rewards for specific gaming activities, which you can redeem for additional content. The software installs on Windows while giving you access to cross-platform information.

The user-friendly game browser and reward system

UPlay launched in 2009 alongside Assassin's Creed II’s release. It let players connect online, granting them rewards for their in-game achievements. In 2020, Ubisoft combined UPlay with another reward system called Ubisoft Club to form Ubisoft Connect. You can claim titles with game codes or unlock new content with the Ubisoft units you receive from offline or online gaming activity.

Ubisoft Connect’s user interface boasts a stunning structure and beautiful theme. There are hundreds of titles to browse through and you can also search if you know the product name. It’s similar to Windows game clients like Steam, Epic Games, and EA’s Origin, serving as a one-stop-shop for all Ubisoft services.

You’ll have access to the Ubisoft Store if you’re looking to claim a new game. You’ll find deals for popular titles like Watch Dogs: Legion and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. If you’re looking for the latest Ubisoft content, you can also browse through the newest DLCs, expansions, season and annual passes, and so much more.

How to install Ubisoft Connect

Installing the client starts with downloading the 114 MB Windows file. Once the Ubisoft Installer saves on your PC, you can open it to run the Installation Wizard. The program will ask where you’d like to install Ubisoft Connect before performing the task for you.

When the setup is complete and you open the client, it’ll ask you whether or not you have a Ubisoft account. You’ll need to register if you don’t have one yet. If you link an existing account, you’ll gain access to all the games you already own as well as communication channels to your online gaming friends.

You can also install games you obtain on Ubisoft Connect to your PC. By buying one of the Store’s titles or redeeming a game code, the client will install it in a central Windows folder that you’ve selected. It may be best to save your collection on a spare hard drive so that it doesn’t clog up your system’s primary storage space and slow down your computer.

What games are free on Ubisoft Connect?

There are several games you can play for free on Ubisoft Connect, divided into three categories. The first section consists of ‘Free To Play’ products, granting you the chance to download and play those titles at no cost. Some popular names that are free include Might & Magic Chess Royale, Rabbids Coding, and Trackmania.

The next category is ‘Demo.’ You have the opportunity to test some of the latest Ubisoft games for free. It doesn’t consist of the full content, merely giving you a taste of a small section within the product. Top names include Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Uno, and The Crew 2.

Finally, you’ll have access to ‘Free Weekends.’ If you have Ubisoft Connect with a valid account, you have the entire weekend to play any of the select titles on display for free. A favorite among players is Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.

You also have the option to access all of the games in the client for free with a monthly subscription fee. Previously called UPlus, Ubisoft+ lets you install and play hundreds of titles in its portfolio without purchasing them. The only issue is that the content will lock if you fail to meet your monthly payment obligation.

How to link your Ubisoft Connect account

You may want to link your Ubisoft Connect account to any of your gaming devices or external profiles so that you can earn rewards for your achievements. There are different methods for each system type, for which you’ll receive activation codes. Here’s a brief look at how to perform this task for each category.

If you want to link to your console, such as PS4, XBO, or Nintendo Switch, you’ll need to start any Ubisoft game with the UPlay or Connect feature. You can either link your account from within the game itself or go to the website on your PC while your console is running.

Linking to Steam and Epic Games requires a different approach. You must log out of Ubisoft Connect first before starting this task. After that, you open either client and find a UPlay game, where connecting to your account is available via a pop-up screen. Once you’ve linked it, the title and rewards will appear in your Connect platform.

Redeeming Ubisoft Connect rewards

When you earn experience, or XP, and in-game achievements, you’ll receive Units and other Ubisoft content. It doesn’t matter which platform you play the title on, as long as you have it linked to your Ubisoft Connect account. Redeeming a reward is as easy as spending your Units or clicking on your reward to unlock the item.

One portal for all your Ubisoft games

Ubisoft Connect is the perfect platform for any players who spend days playing their titles. You’ll receive rewards that you can redeem for more content while having access to the top free games and demos. If you don’t mind paying for a monthly subscription, you can also register for Ubisoft+ for full access to hundreds of offline and online games.


  • Cross-play gaming allowed
  • Link to any of your gaming platforms
  • Hundreds of titles to browse
  • Redeem in-game rewards
  • Manage your achievements


  • Cross-saving not available for old titles

Older versions

Also available in other platforms

Ubisoft Connect for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V
  • 1.9
  • (801)
  • Security Status

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